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A brief history of ilorin emirate caliph culture nigeria. The aspects surveyed are 1 the involvement of ilorin town in longdistance trade. History, culture and tradition of ilorin people, nigeria. Ilorin history have been identified by scholars of both regions as necessary.

Geographical, historical and political profiles of nigeria 1. The name ilorin was derived from okuta ilorin, which means a stone used for sharpening metal. Published by university of ilorin, ilorin, nigeria printed by unilorin press, ilorin, nigeria. A brief history of ilorin emirate caliph by alowonle419m. Pdf yagbailorin relations in historical perspective. His settling down there attracted other groups of people who also came down to ilorin to settle down. The city became capital of lagos state in 1976 with improved road networks developed to cater for increase in concentration of pedestrian and vehicular movements. Nov 10, 2008 sheikh shazili ibn zambo tells the history of ilorin through the lives of the sheikh alimi, sheikh salati, alfa nda, aasiyah the wife of alfa yanbu, alfa koro, etc. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, ilorin was at most a small town. The history has nothing but a sad memory of how pride, insolence, treachery, envy, tyrannyof yoruba political leaders led to the downfall of a once thriving kingdom.

However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. Contributions of ilorin scholars to arabic and islamic. These historical facts need to be emphasized and reemphasized. Geographical, historical and political profiles of nigeria. Architectural history of ilorin mosques in the nineteenth and. The suzerainty of oyo empire over ilorin in the 17th century is generally acknowledged by scholars of both ilorin and yoruba history to have opened up the latter to great economic opportunities mustain. Oct 30, 2012 this research work examines the impact of. D ibadan professor of sociology department of sociology, faculty of social sciences. Ilorin journal of history and international studies. History at the start of the 19th century ilorin was a border town in the northeast of the oyo empire, with a mainly yoruba population but with many hausa and fulani immigrants. Ubira etheses the economic history of ilorin in the.

Ilorin perhaps came into existence five to seven hundred years ago. Afonja, baale of ilorin, who also held the title of are ona kakanfo of the oyo empire, rebelled against his king, the alafin of oyo, in 1817. Ilorin emirate history history of ilorin emirate ilorin is the present day capital of kwara state in the north central region of the federal republic of nigeria. Disaster preparedness at the state public library, ilorin. Founded in the late 18th century by yoruba people, it became the capital of a kingdom that was a vassal state of the oyo empire. The first ilorin central mosque was founded in 1820 in the agbarere area, popularly known as ileelewa, under the leadership of sheik imam muhammad munabbau. Among scholars of ilorin background, writing on the history of islamic education, there is a tendency to argue for the islamic education system. It was created in 1967 by amalgamation of the former ilorin and kabba provinces to form a state which initially was named north central state, but later changed to kwara which is a local name for river niger. This thesis surveys some of the most important aspects of the economy of ilorin in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Local government area ilorin nigeria islamic education islamic learning and scholarship religion islam general social science islamic studies. Similarly, commercial activities like banking, retailwholesale. Pdf ashorthistoricalnoteofilorinemirate researchgate. It is a predominantly islamic city with people of diverse culture who have come together to live as one in peace and harmony. Conceptions of the nature of biology held by senior secondary.

Alimi, the fulani cleric invited to ilorin by aare afonja to. Historical facts about ilorin and kwara yoruba culture. Unilorin post utme past questions and answers free download. Kwara state was created on 27 may 1967, when the federal military government of general yakubu gowon broke the four regions that then constituted the federation of nigeria into 12 states. The suzerainty of the old oyo empire on ilorin, in the 17th century was directly influenced by alaafin ojigis interest to save the igbomina. It is considered to be one of the banza bakwai, or copycats of the hausa kingdoms. This was followed in 1835 when another central mosque was built at idiape during the reign of the first emir of ilorin, abdussalam. It is a predominantly islamic city with people of diverse culture who have come together to live as one in peace and. Disaster preparedness at the state public library, ilorin, kwara state, nigeria abdulwahab olanrewaju issa university of ilorin, abdulwahab. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Ilorin, city, traditional emirate, and capital of kwara state, western nigeria.

This stone was the one used by the founding father of ilorin, ojo isekuse, to sharpen his metal tools. It was surrounded by hills and forests inhabited by many wild animals elephants, lions, snakes and several birds. Simple random sampling technique was used to select two hundred and sixty 260 biology teachers from ilorin, nigeria. The death of afonja and alimi, however, saw the eldest son of the latter emerging as the first monarch of what was then known as ilorin. Ilorin, city, traditional emirate, and capital of kwara state in western nigeria. Ilorin people has nothing to boast about in the history because it only shows the diplomatic slavery that the fulanis subjected the one time yoruba town to. Before then, ilorin was a scattered settlement that was not administered by a single authority. The stone used to be worshipped in the past but nowadays this is not the case, it is only preserved for visitors to see. The suzerainty of oyo empire over ilorin in the 17th century is generally acknowledged by. Feb 24, 2015 history appears in support of the formers position although the progenitor of the fulani indigenes of ilorin, alimi, was actually a tenant to afonja. Kwara state, nigeria overview, history and summary. It was the headquarters of an oyo general, afonja, who rebelled against the empire and helped bring about its collapse with the assistance of the fulani. The fulani never conquered ilorin nor invaded yorubaland.

Little wonder why renowned authors of history have described the city as an islamic light house, a local mecca to which yoruba muslims. Oyos commander at ilorin, kakanfo field marshal afonja, led a rebellion in 1817 that destroyed the unity of the empire. Ilorin was a small town in the oyo empire by the beginning of the 19th century. Kwara state is one of the 36 states that make up the. Unilorin it was established in 1975 by a decree of the federal military government making the university a federal government owned tertiary institution of education. A critique of the rise of local independent churches, impact, singapore, 1999, p.

Oyo was traditionally the dominant military and political power in yoruba. Ojo isekuse was a yoruba hunter who history claimed was the first person to settle in ilorin. Ilorin, the haven of arabic and islamic scholars, is multilingual and multiethnic community popularly known to some people as gerinalimi the town of alimi and to many others as ilorin afonja ilorin of afonja. A short history of baptist church, ilorin 19391994, p.

Followers of the three great religious faiths to be found in nigeria, islam, christianity, and traditional coexist within the state. Teachers perceptions of the problems faced in the teaching of history in senior high schools history is an important school subject which conveys invaluable lessons from the past and whose worth transcends regional, national and cultural boundaries. Through exploratory research, the paper gives a thematic history of ilorin. Ilorin, the capital of kwara state, nigeria, has played a significant role in the history of the spread and growth of islam in yoruba land in general and in igbomina land in particular. Nigeria is a famous country with more than one hundred and forty million population. Aug 21, 2016 university of ilorin also known as unilorin is one of the top standing institute in nigeria that has great repetition. It was a place with hard rocks for repairing or sharpening weapons.

It is located on the awun river, a minor tributary of the niger. Oct 22, 2012 the history has nothing but a sad memory of how pride, insolence, treachery, envy, tyrannyof yoruba political leaders led to the downfall of a once thriving kingdom. Notable tourist attractions in ilorin and their native. The impact of ilorin scholars to the development of islam. The city is located on the awun river, a minor tributary of the niger. The state of harmony on account of the peaceful relations that exist among its multicultural and diverse population of about 2. The location of economic potentials of a frontier community. At its creation, the state was made up of the former ilorin and kabba provinces of the then northern region and was initially named the west central state but.

The original place was not far from one or two fountains which are now sources of two streams that flow into asa river. Results of the study revealed that each biology teacher held admixture of informed conceptions and misconceptions about the nature of biology. The synergy that mirrors the reality of our everyday existence by professor noah yusuf b. This stone is where the town ilorin derived its name from. Kwara brief history kwara state is in the northcentral geopolitical zone of nigeria. The impact of sufism on the culture of the people of ilorin. University of ilorin history and international studies. The okuta ilorin can be found in asajus compound in idiape quarters. Ilorin has one of the highest muslim populations in nigeria and is viewed as a multiethnic and cosmopolitan city. The economic history of ilorin in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Uith describes concealment of medical history as unethica.

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